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Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope 1.3MP

No matter what are you going to perform and what are your needs for the microscope, however if you need a home toy or a simple digital device with camera to record the results of your investigations right to your PC so Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope 1.3MP is an ideal solution at a fair price.

Celerston is a well-known producer of digital microscopy and telescope units. It offers a wide choice of microscopes for any purpose: from cheap kid’s kits to advanced biological laboratory devices providing possibilities for investigation and research. The handheld digital microscope 44302 is a perfect devise for home usage and amateur primitive investigations. The unit is easy to operate and adjust, so it will not cause many troubles for a newbie. However it is highly recommended to look through the supplied manual. The digital unit is ideal for home usage and can satisfy even microscope usage experts. The unit meets the highest requirement of frame quality and perfect viewing!

Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope

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The microscope is equipped with a simple digital 1.3Mp camera providing a possibility to shoot stills and short movies of the investigated specimens. The video however being of a rather high quality is not recorded with voice. So you have no possibility of commenting what you are shooting at a moment. The provided software is intended to transmit it directly to the PC. The USB cable is provided. The digital microscope is claimed to be compatible with Windows OS (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and Mac OS. However, Windows immediately detects the camera and causes no troubles, but the Mac OS is very difficult to cope with. Some versions (as Mint) work smooth with the provided software, Lion version requires hard work to connect the microscope. But when the software is installed and works correctly it provides a wide range of stills and videos adjustment for the camera and shooting process.

Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope

The microscope magnification power of 10x to 40x and 150x performs a good quality viewing. Note that the device provide just step zooming. You will not be able to zoom between 10x or 40x, or in space from 40x to 150x. Generally speaking it has three step zooming of 10x, 40x and 150x. LED illumination helps to clear the view. The microscope does not allow to switch off the LED lights, which can cause a glaring effect on shiny surfaces (as coins). So avoid bright room lightning to make the pictures clear. With lower magnification the digital microscope performs a perfect quality, for higher magnification level you will get smear fuzzy image, being its main disadvantage! The magnification is claimed too weak for a professional constant usage. But this microscope performs a rather nice alternative to expensive home usage models.

Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope

The metal stand makes the work with Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope 1.3MP very stable and insensitive to movements. However the regulatory wheels have a stiff movement for the short period of usage, making it harder to make more precise adjusting requiring two hands and a bit of strength to rotate them. It needs some time to get used to scrolling and will not bother you after. First time it is difficult to get the specimen in thee focus as you press the digital device hard with your hands.

Another trouble with this device is a depth of field disabling you to shoot a proper 3 dimensional snapshots. Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope 1.3MP is a nice toy for kids and adults meeting all the needs of home laboratory and investigation. Children will get lots of fun, while adults can conduct primitive experiments.